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How can your promoter book you without a website to preview you and your music?  With a website, they can get to know you by reading your bio, see where you are playing, listen to your music, check out photos, and everything else they might want to know before they commit to book you. They want to know what they're getting for their money.

Your website would not be so business-like that it's cold....but all the right info will be there, but with your choice of warmth and character.  You choose the theme/colors and what goes into your site to make it "you."  More so, it will not break the bank and that's a big plus.

$300.00 upfront, includes domain  name for first year. 

$25.00 per month to maintain site.    
I check my sites each month, and I am always available to update 
whenever you need me to.

Includes, *home  *bio  *photos  *music *schedule *links

Guest Book / Message Board (your choice)



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